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NunoX 3D Service Product Update – 4 New Features!

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We devote ourselves to making the fabric digitizing process become as realistic and intuitive as possible. The following 4 features explain the most:

1. Back-Side Fabric

We understand that some fabrics are double sided. With this new feature, you can have two sides of fabric scan within one fabric swatch, far easier for fabric selection and organization.

How to Scan?

(Turn on NunoScan APP for scanning)

Step 1. Press “Back Side” button after scanning the front side

Step 2. Crop the desired area before second scan. (Brightness adjustment is available through sliding the brightness bar)

Step 3. Scan and upload. Find scan results on Scanatic for Fashion portal.

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How to Edit the Back-Side?

(On Scanatic for Fashion portal)

Step 1. Fabrics with back side scanned will have a folded corner shown on the icon> Select the fabric

Step 2. Switch to “Folded Display Mode” to view the back side of the fabric

Step 3. Select “Edit Fabric”> “Back-side”, then edit with the same method as editing front side

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2. Fabric HD Gallery

Since our fabric display requires real-time rendering to support smooth 360 degree display, the result is inevitably less realistic. HD images are now available, which enables users to download 1080×1080 and 2160×2160 HD images, which shows fabric in details, such as texture, weave, shininess…etc.

How to Download?

Step 1. Select “HD Gallery” on the fabric icon> Choose captured mode

Step 2. Choose the render resolution and then Checkout

Step 3. Find the rendered HD images at the tab window on the left side of the Gallery

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3. Multiple Display Mode

Each display mode demonstrates fabrics of different sides and from different angles, which gives viewers better understanding of the fabric characteristics.

  1. Folded
  2. Wrinkle
  3. Plane mode with ruler

4. Adjust Brightness

There are two ways of adjusting brightness before scanning:

Method 1. Tap on any area of the fabric to alter and similize the overall brightness.

Method 2. Slide the Brightness bar at the bottom for desired brightness.