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Fashion Trends: What Starts a Fashion Trend & Why Some Designs Become So Popular

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Trying to figure out what causes a fashion trend might be difficult. Why do we obsess about what famous people wear?

People’s dress choices are influenced by a variety of circumstances. Fashion is more than just a means of covering our bodies anymore; it’s also a means of expressing our individuality.

This blog article will explain what a fashion trend is and the many factors that contribute to the development of a new one.

What is a Fashion Trend?

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A style or expression that is popular among a large number of people at a particular time and place is a fashion trend.

When it comes to fashion, trends are temporary styles that aren’t always according to the seasons.

Many factors affect fashion trends, including climatic change, creative explorations, and political, economic, social, and technological effects.

Society and current events are reflected in fashion as they have always been. Celebrities, musicians, and other high-profile individuals may also influence fashion trends.

As long as people have been changing their looks, the concept of a trend or a trend has been around.

Early in the 14th-century aristocrats began using dress trends to show off their wealth, status, and place in society.

There is no doubt that if you could afford to buy new apparel every few months or even every week, you had an enormous amount of money.

Following suit, the lower classes demonstrated their closeness to the queen or equivalent and their ability to recognize what she liked or disliked.

The fashions of the past have inspired many of today’s most popular clothing styles. However, they are ideal to fit today’s tastes. A decade ago, clothing styles that were regarded as outmoded had a resurgence in popularity.

Trend forecasting has become a full-fledged profession because of its importance. These tastemakers rely upon high-profile designers, journalists, and photographers to predict the next popular trend.

Artificial intelligence and deep learning have made trend predicting more precise than ever before. Some agencies love to help fashion businesses foresee future trends.

Heuritech, a firm that analyzes social media photographs for specific information to get a complete insight into goods, consumers, and the market, is one such example.

What Starts A Fashion Trend?

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A person’s ability to express themselves via their attire is known as their “fashion” within a given culture. A fashion trend is created when other people copy or emulate a certain clothing style.

When it comes to spring and fall collections, most fashion trends are started by designers that take inspiration from signals and inspiration they get throughout the season.

Trend forecasters, pop culture, celebrities, music, politics, nature, or any other source may provide these cues.

During spring and fall runway shows, designers present their works to photographers, reporters, buyers, and celebrities.

Press and celebrity images, as well as retail sales and high-profile purchases, have a significant impact on how the general public views a designer’s work.

Fashion businesses get inspiration from these designers and create styles that are accessible to the general population.

As a result, surrounding retail centers, malls, and boutiques pick up on the new style. While some trends originate in a single country and spread throughout the globe, others remain localized.

Despite the fact that design houses continue to have an impact on fashion, they are no longer the exclusive determinant of current trends.

Currently, fashion trends originate and flourish in the following ways: Among celebrities, social media, and fashion centers throughout the globe.

Fashion Week and The Runways

There is little question that the outfit’s designers wear down the runways during Fashion Week events in New York, Milan, and Paris each season and have an impact on many current trends.

Every season, fashion enthusiasts eagerly anticipate learning what the minds of their favorite designers have been up to during the preceding months.

In order to stay up to date on current fashion trends, many people go to the world’s fashion capitals to observe what the rest of the world is wearing.

Fashion designers create dream moments on the catwalk, which is where trends develop. Despite the fact that the majority of the outfits on display are mass-produced, Fashion Week has a slew of couture pieces as well.

People look forward to these events since they are frequently expensive. When people see them, they immediately think of how they want to dress in the future.

Designers, fashion enthusiasts, bloggers, and magazine editors regularly go beyond their home regions in pursuit of the latest trends, and these trendy cities are typically the first stop on their quest for something really unique.

Fashion trends from across the world provide fashionistas with a fresh viewpoint and enable them to adopt something new into their daily life.

Street style

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When we talk about “street style,” we’re talking about how people dress on the streets. These are the ways in which people’s looks inspire others who see them and take inspiration from them.

In general, street style is a more recent term in the fashion lexicon, but it shows just how much effect anybody can have on how fashion is seen and trends are developed!


Celebrities are without a doubt one of the most influential forces in the emergence of fashion trends.

Moreover, celebrities are idolized by the general population, who keeps tabs on their every action and listens intently to everything they say.

Large firms use celebrities as spokespeople for their products and services because celebrities are compelling fashion idols.

As a result of their enormous fan base, celebrities may have a greater audience than contemporary fashion publications. Many of their fans try to replicate their actions.

People turn to them for inspiration and advice since they are a source of trend-setting information.


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Influencers and social media stars have surpassed magazine editors in prominence in the fashion business during the past several years.

They have become trend-setters by creating material that motivates their followers to buy the products they endorse.

You should know that the channels of fashion houses, magazines, and end-users were ideal to propagate the fashion trends before.

This was the case for a very long time. In our modern, technologically sophisticated culture, everything has changed.

Not only that but the editor, seasoned designers, and shrewd merchants used to guard the fashion industry’s entrance.

When it comes to fashion inspiration and new seasonal must-haves, magazines were once the go-to source. It’s been a long time since Instagram was founded in 2010.

More than 100 million photos are shared every day on Instagram, which has more than 1 billion monthly users. Is it possible for you to comprehend the impact of these images?

For the most part, this is not the case, according to Heuritech’s findings. In addition, manufacturers may immediately link their e-shops to Instagram photographs, making purchases a cinch.

Social Media And The Internet

Weibo, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube aren’t the only social media platforms impacting the fashion industry; millennials and Gen Z-ers are becoming influencers and influencers on these platforms.

All of the fashion industry’s consumers are now sharing their thoughts on social media instead of keeping their opinions to themselves.

How does one fashion influencer get into the habit of wearing a certain item or style in the first place? Fashion, like politics, finance, and culture, is a reflection of the world around us.

Trends are about catching the zeitgeist and defining a mood or attitude; this is what they do.

Fashion influencers have proved to the public that they have mastered this art form.” They have a great sense of style and are setting the trends rather than just following them in the business!

Using fashion bloggers and celebrities to advertise their products is a common practice for designers since they are aware of their power.

By styling and photographing oneself in various ways with these expensive pieces of apparel, fashion bloggers create new trends that are shared with their large followers.

Fashion bloggers provide a fresh perspective on the industry, and their followers love it.

At 4%, nano influencers have the greatest engagement rate of any kind of influencer.

As a result of this personal connection, consumers are more inclined to follow the advice of friends and family members rather than well-known celebrities.

According to the data shown above, a sizable proportion of internet users place a high value on the opinions of their fellow users, and many of these users go so far as to visit at least one social networking site before making a purchase.

Advertising may be driven by smaller influencers and word-of-mouth more so than other tactics.

The Bottom Line

Fashion trends are continually changing due to the influence of several factors, including social media and technology.

We can now depend on AI to forecast the next major trend. Do you agree or disagree with the way in which technology has altered the way we live in the modern days?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.