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How we dressed up Cleopatra using 3D technology! ft. Wunderman Thompson

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No one would ever believe it is possible, but we did it anyway…

Our technology creates perfectly fitted clothes for anyone. Whether they lived thousands of years ago or today…We thought about one of the most iconic women of all times: Cleopatra.
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What did she look like? And what size of jeans would she wear?
We knew it wasn‘t going to be easy, but we took on the challenge to dress this queen that lived thousands of years ago, knowing our Scanatic™ DC Suite fashion design software and Mobile 3D Body Scan technology would be able to dress her.

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View Cleopatra’s jeans. TG3D ft. Wunderman Thompson.

How did we do it?
Together with Wunderman Thompson, we traveled to Egypt and took body measurements of women who genetically are closest to Cleopatra. We searched for all images and sculptures we could find of this ancient queen and reverse engineered her 3D avatar.

Once we knew how she looked, it was easy.

By bringing her 3D avatar into DC Suite 3D fashion design software, we then created a bespoke pattern for a pair of digital jeans, based on her avatar’s body measurements, that perfectly fits her in minutes.
Want to have your own 3D avatar too? No need for hassle.

Unlike Cleopatra who lived thousands of years ago, with today’s technology, you can build your own 3D avatar with our Mobile 3D Body Scan within 60 seconds, and provides access to 250+ pattern-making specific body measurement data. Plus, Mobile 3D Body Scan may export your avatar as an OBJ or FBX file, which you can import into DC Suite or most fashion design software!