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IVS Launchpad Kyoto 2024: A Springboard for Innovation

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What is the IVS Launchpad Tokyo?

IVS Launchpad Kyoto is an annual startup pitch competition that serves as a launchpad for Japan’s most promising start ups. The competition chooses finalists from a pool of hundreds of companies following a rigorous selection procedure. These finalists then pitch their creative ideas and enterprises to a distinguished panel of judges.

IVS Launchpad Kyoto: DMKTZ Founder and CEO Jac Hsieh Pitching

A Competitive and Inspirational Event

The competition is strong, with finalists competing for the grand prize and the opportunity to earn significant exposure and mentorship. However, the true significance of IVS Launchpad goes beyond victory. The event creates a stimulating environment in which entrepreneurs can network, share ideas, and push the limits of what is possible.

IVS 2024 Launchpad Start Ups

A Look at the Landscape

The competition offers an insightful look into the future of Japan’s startup scene. By presenting the finalists’ originality and talent, IVS Launchpad provides an insight into the unique concepts and technology that are altering the country’s commercial scene. Here are some of the 2024 finalists:

Image of esa environmental solutions architect

ESA: Environmental Solutions Architect

ESA tackles the global challenge of plastic waste by offering innovative recycling solutions. Their proprietary “ESA method” allows for the cost-effective production of high-quality plastic pellets from a variety of mixed plastic waste materials. This technology promises to revolutionize plastic recycling and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Image of solafune


Solafune is a unique platform that empowers developers to leverage satellite and geospatial data for positive social impact. By hosting data science competitions and providing seamless access to valuable information, Solafune fosters collaboration and innovation in tackling global challenges.

Image of Yuimedi


Focusing on the healthcare sector, Yuimedi offers Yuicleaner, a no-code medical data cleansing tool. This AI-powered solution automates tedious tasks associated with data preparation, allowing researchers and institutions to focus on vital medical research and development.

Image of Wordrabbit

Word Rabbit

This innovative AI proofreading tool empowers writers in Japan to focus on their creative flow. Word Rabbit analyzes text in real-time, offering suggestions and ensuring high-quality writing with features like format checks and team-shareable custom rules.

Image of DMKTZ


DMKTZ’s design tools streamline the apparel design process by providing high-quality 3D garment templates. These pre-made models save designers time and effort, allowing them to focus on their creative vision and rapidly prototype new styles.

Image of AI-Volt


This AI solutions company utilizes artificial intelligence in two key areas. First, their “Digital Twin Peer” technology empowers businesses to streamline tasks with the help of AI. Second, AI-Volt leverages AI to create safe and engaging entertainment using licensed domestic intellectual property

IVS Launchpad Kyoto: An Ongoing Journey

The IVS Kyoto International Award brings together some of Japan’s most promising startups, each with the potential to revolutionize their respective industries. From tackling global challenges like plastic waste and healthcare data management to fostering creative expression and streamlining design processes, these finalists showcase the breadth and ingenuity of Japan’s entrepreneurial spirit. As these finalists continue to develop and refine their solutions, we can expect to see them make a significant impact on the world stage. The future of innovation is bright, and the IVS Kyoto International Award plays a vital role in nurturing the next generation of groundbreaking companies.